Equipped - Safe Haven Sunday Book (Credit Card) $2
Equipped - Safe Haven Sunday Book (Credit Card) $2
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Type: Books
Price: $2.00
Product Information:

Equipped is short enough to read while waiting for your son’s orthodontist visit to finish, but full of our best tips for helping you guide your children through a pornified world. In this book, we will show parents how to have honest conversations about self-image, sexuality, sin, and shame, provide proven methods for training our children how to be media literate, and more.

Equipped is $2 per book and can be purchased by using check or credit card. If ordering by check please submit your order for the total number of books you would like. You will be sent an invoice in February to complete payment with a check. Please note that if you desire to pay by check you must select the “Safe Haven Book (check)” option in the online store.

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